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20000Nm3/h air separation project (Phase I project) Environmental Impact Assessment Second Publicity

The preparation of the environmental impact assessment report of Henan Jinma Energy Co., Ltd. 20000Nm3/h air-packing project (Phase I project) has entered the late stage. According to the relevant provisions of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Environmental Impact Assessment, the environmental impact assessment of the project is now in progress. The second public announcement, extensive public consultation and advice.

I. Project Overview

       Henan Jinma Energy Co., Ltd. 20000Nm3/h air separation plant project is located in the northwest of Jinma Energy Company, Chemical Park, Huling Industrial Cluster Zone, Jiyuan City. The Economic Resources City Huling Industrial Cluster Management Committee agreed to file the project, the project record number: Yuji Huling Manufacturing [2017] 24540. The project is in line with relevant national industrial policies.

       The project will be constructed in two phases. This evaluation is the first phase of the project (12000Nm3/h). The project uses air as raw material to produce instrument air, oxygen, pre-pressure nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and other products through filtration, compression, pre-cooling, purification, rectification and storage. The main production equipment of the project includes self-cleaning air filter, raw material air compressor, air cooling tower, purification adsorber, distillation tower and so on. The working system adopts three-shift operation system with an annual working time of 330 days.

II. The possible impact of construction projects on the environment

       According to the development plan of the agglomeration area and the current status of the regional environment, the main environmental protection objectives of the project are sensitive points of residents around the project area and nearby surface water bodies. The construction of the project does not involve environmentally sensitive areas such as nature reserves, scenic spots and natural and historical cultural heritage. The main environmental impacts during the construction period are construction noise and dust pollution. The main environmental impacts during the operation period are noise, the impact of solid waste on the surrounding environment, and the environmental risks that may be caused by product gas leakage.     


III. The measures to prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts and measures

       (1) Exhaust gas:

       The gases emitted by the project are all atmospheric components and do not contain exhaust pollutants.

       (2) Waste water:

       There is no waste water discharge during the production and operation of the project.

       (3) Noise:

       The noise in the production process mainly comes from gas venting, air separation production equipment, air compressors, refrigeration units and pumps. The noise source is between 80~110dB(A). According to the noise characteristics of different equipments, prevention measures such as sound insulation, noise reduction, vibration reduction and sound absorption are adopted respectively, and the noise at the boundary of the plant can meet the requirements of the corresponding environmental standards.       

(4) Solid waste:

       The solid waste generated by the project includes general solid waste and hazardous solid waste. Generally, solid waste is air filter dust, filter failure filter cartridge, waste adsorbent, employee domestic waste; hazardous waste main waste lubricating oil, waste oil rag.

Air filtration dust and domestic garbage shall be regularly removed by the sanitation; filter failure filter cartridges and waste adsorbents shall be recovered by the manufacturer; hazardous wastes shall be temporarily stored in the factory for disposal.


IV. The main points of environmental impact assessment

       The construction of the project is in line with the national industrial policy, and the site is in line with the development plan of the agglomeration area, the overall urban development plan and the environmental function zoning. After adopting the pollution control measures recommended by the feasibility study design and evaluation, it can do the discharge to the standard, meet the requirements of clean production and total control, and will not have obvious impact on the regional environment and surrounding sensitive points. After taking appropriate risk prevention measures and emergency plans, the environmental risks of the project are within acceptable limits. Therefore, from the perspective of environmental impact, the evaluation considers that the construction of this project is feasible.       

V. Ways, duration and scope of requesting environmental impact assessment information

The time limit for soliciting public opinions is within 10 working days from the date of publication of the public announcement. The scope of the solicitation is mainly the residents, relevant departments and experts around the site. The public may contact the construction unit or the evaluation unit by telephone, fax, e-mail, website and letter to make suggestions or request additional information.

VI. Contact information        

Henan Jinma Energy Co., Ltd.        
Contact: Minister Chen        
Telephone and fax: 0391-6038009