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Coal tar

Coal tar is a brown or black liquid of high viscosity that can be produced as a by-product in the coking process. Carbon black oil, coal tar pitch, naphthalene, anthracene oil and other compounds can be derived through distillation process. These coal tar distillates are used in the synthesis of numerous products such as plastics, rubbers, fibers, pesticides, dyes, concrete super-plasticizers, carbon anodes and graphite electrodes. We utilize our coal tar to produce our coal tar based chemicals which mainly comprise coal asphalt, anthracene oil and industrial naphthalene.

Pure benzene

Pure benzene is a colorless, toxic and highly flammable liquid. It is primarily used as an industrial solvent, a precursor for manufacturing nylon, dyes, plastics, drugs,explosives and synthetic rubber. The principal customers of our pure benzene are styrene, cyclohexane, aniline,cyclohexanone and other benzene processors.

Anthracene Oil

Anthracene oil is dark yellow oil. It is primarily used in the production of pigments, wood preservatives, insecticides and coating materials. The principal customers of our anthracene oil are companies that produce carbon black and process anthracene oil.

Coal Asphalt

Coal asphalt is a sticky, black and highly vicious liquid, semi-solid or solid, derived from coal tar. It is primarily used by the metallurgical industry in electrode binders. The
principal customers of our coal asphalt are electrolytic aluminum companies.

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