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Jiyuan Jinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd
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Jiyuan jinyuan chemical co., LTD., founded on November 23, 2012, is located in the chemical industry park of south huling industrial cluster zone, west first ring road, jiyuan city, henan province. The approved business scope is the production, sales and related technology development and transfer of pure benzene, toluene, xylene isomer mixture, heavy benzene, non-aromatic hydrocarbon and dimethyl residual oil. The company's 100,000 tons/year crude benzene hydrogenation project is designed by metallurgical coke resistance engineering technology co., LTD. Adopts advanced low temperature gas phase hydrogenation technology, USES the domestic recognized the best economy and comprehensive utilization of the required standard of assembly, and a center of advanced and reliable instrument and DCS control system, the centralized operation and control of the production process has high progress, good reliability and less maintenance workload, safe and reliable, etc. In terms of environmental protection, the company adopts measures such as waste gas recovery and utilization, waste residue centralized treatment and waste water recovery and utilization to realize zero waste water discharge, waste gas and noise standard discharge and comprehensive utilization of waste residue.

The 100,000 ton/year crude benzene hydrogenation project of the company started construction in April 2011 and was put into trial operation at the end of February 2013. In May 2015, the company was acquired by henan jinma energy co., ltd. and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of henan jinma energy co., LTD. From 2014 to 2016, through technical transformation, the company increased the production capacity of crude benzene hydrogenation from 100,000 tons/year to 120,000 tons/year.