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Henan Bohai Chemical Co., Ltd
Henan Bohai Chemical Co., Ltd

Henan bohai chemical co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of henan jinma energy co., LTD., is located in the south of west first ring road, jiyuan city. The company was established in January 2004, the first phase of the project in August 2005 to deal with 150,000 tons of coal tar put into production. After being put into production, the main products are light oil, dephenolated phenol oil, crude phenol, industrial naphthalene, washing oil, anthracene oil, asphalt blending oil, modified asphalt, medium temperature asphalt, etc.

The company's geographical position is superior, located in the northwest of henan province, shanxi intersection, adequate supply of raw materials. The transportation is developed and convenient. Changji expressway and erguang expressway meet in jiyuan. The special railway line of the factory connects with jiaozhi railway.

Company adopts domestic advanced technology and equipment, coal tar distillation using mature atmospheric distillation process at home and abroad, using super centrifuge technology to coal tar pretreatment for dehydrated crude tar slag, introduces two handling capacity of 15 m/h of Germany after the Holly three-phase lie screw type super centrifuge, the separation efficiency is as high as above 90%. Distillate washing adopts continuous washing process, which is mature and reliable. Industrial naphthalene distillation adopts double furnace and double tower continuous distillation process. The main equipment includes: primary tower, fine tower, primary distillation furnace and rectification furnace. This technology is the domestic mature technology. Advanced DCS computer program control system is adopted in the production process control, with high level of automation, which makes the process control more rapid, accurate and reliable, and effectively ensures the stability of production and product quality.

At present, henan bohai chemical co., LTD., relying on the existing resources of jinma energy, makes full use of and gives full play to the advanced technology and scientific management experience of the group company, makes unremitting efforts to make it a first-class enterprise with first-class technology, first-class management and first-class performance.